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Yes, You CAN Learn To
Be A Better Joke Teller

green-checkThere are 3 broad groups of people when it comes to telling jokes:

1. There are those who are truly great joke tellers.

2. There are those who think they are great joke tellers but not really.

3. There are those who are not good joke tellers.

Every person has a different life experience when it comes to learning how to tell a joke. And it is the quality of that life experience that has a direct and lasting impact on a person’s sense of humor and their ability to tell jokes.

But given that a person’s joke telling ability is learned means that a person can also learn how to become a better joke teller given the right information and guidance.

This is a big deal because people are judged much more favorably when they are able to make others laugh, whether it be in conversational exchanges or when telling a joke or funny story.

It also means that people can learn how to:

  • Select the funniest jokes to tell
  • Edit jokes for brevity and greater laughter impact
  • Adjust jokes for a person’s individual speaking style
  • Prepare to deliver jokes effectively for the biggest laughs

This is exciting because that means that virtually anyone who wants to do so can learn to improve their joke telling skills for bigger, better and more consistent laughs.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to use and apply some effective stand-up comedy techniques as well when it comes to magnifying one’s joke telling abilities.

That’s what the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro audio training program is all about — giving folks the actionable information and guidance they need to become better joke tellers in the shortest time possible.