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twitter1Secrets For Using Twitter As A Street Joke Secrets Affiliate

For some, Twitter activity is a major part of their social media routine.

But with only 140 characters per post, Twitter is really not suited for directly sharing story type street jokes — even the short ones can easily exceed 140 characters.

My recommendation? If you want to use Twitter to promote the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro program by sharing jokes as identified in this report, I would set-up a free blog at Blogger.com to do that and here’s why:

1. The cost is FREE.

2. Very low time commitment. Once a Blogger blog has been set up and the jokes have been located for posting, a single joke (along with a title) can be posted in a minute or less.

With the exception of producing the joke title, posting the rest of the joke is a copy and paste activity.

3. Each street joke you find can (and should) be a separate blog post. This will provide you with an unique link for each joke you share on Twitter.

4. Visitors you send to your blog (from Twitter or any other social media platform) can have the ability to subscribe (be notified when you make a blog post which in this instance would be another street joke or other funny material).

5. On a Blogger blog, you can use your Street Joke Secrets affiliate link on a post after a joke, as a sidebar link, as a redirected navigation bar link or all of these.

Keep this in mind — You would using this free Blogger blog platform as a repository for jokes you find as well as funny videos, pictures, etc. for those you communicate with in your social media circles.

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