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Easily Get Bigger Laughs When You Tell A Joke

Whether you realize it or not, you have complete control over the laughter impact you get when you tell a common open source joke. You just need to answer this question honestly:

If you would like to get more Response #1 when you tell a joke (a lot more), you might be interested in my own story when it comes to telling jokes…


I’ve been a student of Steve Roye’s comedy training for several years, now. Steve is a great comedy coach. When he asked me to review his newest project “Street Joke Secrets”, I got excited.

Let me say this right up front – you do not have to be a stand-up comedian to be funny. In this course, Steve has made it super easy for you to add funny jokes to any situation.

I would not endorse anything that I don’t actually use and believe in myself. Get this course now! Apply the simple process and you will be the hit of the party.

They’ll hit you with pots, pans, rolling pins, whatever they can get their hands on – LOL… Invest in this course now! You can thank me later!

Mike Van De Carr – Comedy Magician

Nope, I Was NOT A Great Joke Teller

Before I became a professional comedian, I can say with great certainty that I was NOT a great joke teller (I am talking about open source jokes that comedians refer to as street jokes).

I was never that guy who could remember and spit out joke after joke for hours on end. I was lucky if I could tell a joke today that I heard yesterday – much less get any sort of decent laugh when I told it.

Sometimes I would tell a joke and it would work great! But more times than not, it would just flop and I would get Response #2 above. Don’t get me wrong…

I’ve always been a funny guy. That’s what led me to stand-up comedy. But as far as telling street jokes and getting big laughs virtually every time I told one…

Well that didn’t happen until after a became a comedian and realized just how valuable street jokes could be in certain performing situations.

But being able to tell a joke that gets the big laughs, whether you are shooting the breeze with a friend or you are giving a speech or presentation to a group of people, is a very powerful tool to have in one’s belt.

Why Joke Telling Skills Matter

I believe that everyone knows that one of the most powerful ways to quickly gain admiration, respect and acceptance is to be able to make others laugh out loud!

Telling jokes is one of the most common (and easiest) ways to cause others to laugh.

It doesn’t matter if you are telling a joke to friends, family or co-workers. It doesn’t matter if you a telling a joke during a speech or presentation.

Few things compare with the sense of accomplishment and shear excitement of causing others to burst out laughing when you tell a funny joke!

But I also know this:

If you tell a joke and it flops, the exact opposite is true. But wait it gets worse…

If a person tells multiple jokes that just lay there like a dead fish and now an opinion is established — one that sticks like glue.

And once a opinion is established that someone really can’t tell a joke, people don’t care to listen when that person attempts to tell ANY joke.They may even make an assumption that the person is just not that smart or intelligent.

And while people may not overtly comment on a person’s less-than-hilarious joke telling ability to their face, they will readily comment about it in a negative way to others.

Think about it…

What did you think the last time someone tried to tell a joke to you and it flopped in a major way? What did you conclude about that person and their sense of humor? Did you comment about that person’s lack of ability to tell a joke to someone else?

At this point I think it is important to understand why some people are great joke tellers and why others are not…

“I don’t know how to tell a joke. I never tell jokes. I can tell stories that happened to me… anecdotes. But never a joke.” ~Lucille Ball

Joke Telling Skill Is 100% Learned

Everyone learns the “art” of joke telling informally. It’s learned from the people we encounter and observe through the course of our life — starting at a very early age.

It is also learned through a mostly trial-and-error process in order to try to figure out what is funny and what is not funny.

In other words, virtually no one gets any sort of valuable training or usable insight on the true mechanics of great joke telling.

Subsequently, an individual’s joke telling skill and ability is usually one of those things that people either appear to be “naturally gifted” at, or they simply aren’t.

I know this from my own personal experience…

I was one of those people who could make people laugh easily in a casual conversation or when I was teaching a class.

But when it came to telling a common, everyday joke (what comedians refer to as a street joke), my results were hit or miss at best.

It wasn’t until I became a professional comedian that I fully understood why many times when I told a street joke it was about as funny as an ingrown toenail.

It was during my professional stand-up comedy career that I also discovered just how incredibly valuable street jokes could be when I performed at corporate functions and speaking gigs that I landed as a result of my stand-up comedy career.

Based on my own professional experience, here’s what I can tell you:

  • Anyone can learn how to tell a joke that gets genuine laughs — virtually every single time they tell a joke
  • If you only learn how to avoid the common mistakes most people make when they tell a joke (like I made before I knew better), you will dramatically increase the laughter response you get when you tell a joke
  • Learning how to tell a joke like a real pro is EASY — you only need to learn and apply the right actionable information to get the laughs you want when you tell a joke
  • You do not need to become a professional comedian in order to tell jokes like a real pro and garner the respect and admiration you want

Let me put this another way…

Your ability to tell funny jokes — in any environment or circumstance — is largely dependent upon your knowledge and ability to:

1. Select the funniest jokes to tell in the first place

2. Adapt those jokes to your own individual speaking style and…

3. Deliver those jokes in a way that will almost guarantee that you get the best laughter response when you tell it

It’s usually not a person’s sense of humor that keeps them from being able to tell a funny joke on a consistent basis.

It’s usually a simple lack of actionable knowledge that keeps most people from being able to tell a really funny joke at any time.

And even though jokes are some of the most powerful communication tools in spoken language, let me ask you this…

Has any expert on joke telling ever taken you aside and showed you all the step-by-step techniques you really need to be able to tell a really funny joke — and get killer results time after time?

That didn’t happen to me. And from all of the research I’ve done, chances are pretty good that it hasn’t happened to you either.

Now if what I have presented so far resonates with you, let me introduce you to the…

“I’m used to explaining to people why my jokes were funny.” ~Gilbert Gottfried

How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro Audio Training Program

I have developed and produced a special 90 minute audio training program called, “How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro”.

This audio training program is specifically offered for individuals who have the desire to improve their joke telling skills and ability, whether for casual social situations or for a more formal speech or presentation environment.

This audio training program program is specifically designed to show you how to quickly and easily select, adapt and deliver funny jokes using some of the same secrets and techniques that professional comedians use to get the biggest possible laughter response from your joke telling activities — in any environment.

Note: This course focuses on telling clean jokes suitable for use in any environment. Subsequently, no profanity is used in any joke example presented in this course.

Examples of the types of jokes used in this program can be found on this page.

Here’s just a small taste of what you will discover in the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro audio training program:

  • The top 10 most common mistakes people make when they attempt to tell a funny joke. Just avoiding these common mistakes can increase your joke telling effectiveness tremendously!
  • A single joke delivery technique that can increase the laughter response you get when you tell a joke by 100%-500%!
  • A simple, three step process for adapting jokes that you find to your own individual speaking style.
  • How to select the funniest jokes you read — even if you don’t laugh out loud when you read them!
  • How to easily incorporate your own natural speaking rhythm when you deliver a joke.
  • The two essential timing pauses you must have for big laughs when you tell a joke.
  • The most important factor that can make or break your ability to tell a funny joke.
  • And much, much more!

And yes there is a lot more…

Here is the intro clip for the first audio lesson (4:18):

Audio Lesson 1 Intro (4:18)

In addition to the audio training, extensive written lessons are also included in the program.

But the program doesn’t stop there — I want you to have every possible advantage that you can have when it comes to telling jokes or beyond.

That’s why these bonus lessons and reports are also included in the program at no additional cost to you:

Bonus Lessons And Reports

Street Joke Power Editing Secrets Lesson ($15.99 Value – Included)

Make no mistake — the faster you can get to the punchline when telling a street joke, the bigger the laugh you can generate.

Many street jokes are simply too wordy (which lowers laughter response) and not formatted or adjusted to be spoken (which also lowers laughter response).

The Street Joke Power Editing Secrets lesson is designed to show individuals a simple, step-by-step and highly effective editing process for making street jokes shorter for the maximum impact when they are delivered.

Note: The techniques demonstrated in this lesson are the same techniques used by professional comedians to tighten their stand-up comedy material.

The Street Joke Transformation Secret Report ($12.99 Value – Included)

Most people are completely unaware that there is one particular type of street joke that can be easily transformed into personalized comedy material for use in casual social situations or in speeches and presentations.

In other words — once you have applied the transformation process, no one will know that what you are saying is actually a street joke (unless you tell them afterwards of course).

This special report not only shows you how to identify this particularly valuable type of street joke, but also provides step-by-step instructions on how to make the transition to personalized comedy material.

Note: This simple, yet powerful secret is usually only employed by professional comedians. Now you can use it too.

Secrets For Adding Street Jokes To Speeches And Presentations Lesson ($21.99 Value – Included)

For those who are involved with public speaking, this revealing 22 minute audio lesson provides extensive details on how to skillfully add street jokes to a speech or presentation.

The audio lesson also includes the associated written lesson and reveals…

Transition line secrets – simple lines you can easily craft to inject a street joke into any part of a speech or presentation.

This technique is particularly valuable when used in conjunction withe the information provided in the Street Joke Transformation Secret report.

Strange News Secrets Lesson ($21.99 Value – Included)

One of the most interesting and potentially funny conversation topics involves strange and unusual news stories.

The Strange News Secrets lesson shows you how to convert strange and news stories that you find and convert them into funny conversational material or for use in speeches or presentations and provides you with:

  • Links to 3 popular strange news resources (and the search terms to use to find many more)
  • How to quickly recognize which strange and unusual news stories will work best for you
  • The 5 step process for preparing these interesting news stories for use in casual conversations or in speeches or presentations

Note: Again, the easy, step-by-step process identified in this report is usually only employed by professional comedians.

The free bonuses provided in this program have a real value of over $70 alone.

Here’s a promise I can make to you without hesitation or reservation:

If you will earnestly learn and apply the techniques and strategies provided in the How To Tell A Joke Like Pro program, you WILL improve your joke telling skill and ability. So much so that in some cases that…

Friends, family and colleagues may be literally “blown away” at your seemingly “miraculous” transformation when it comes to telling jokes that get big laughs!

But only you and I will know that there wasn’t anything “miraculous” involved at all — it was simply some applied knowledge at work.

No stone has been left unturned to provide you with ALL the information you need to improve your joke telling skills in ANY environment or situation — in the shortest time possible.

“It’s neat seeing people that aren’t necessarily part of my demographic who really get the jokes. I love it.” ~Jo Koy

Additional Program Details

Should you decide that the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro program is right for you, here are some additional details:

Individuals who register for program access get continuous access to ALL program materials. There are NO additional fees or payments involved. There are no additional purchases associated with or required with this program.

Your results in getting bigger and better laughs when you tell jokes matters greatly to me. That’s why I also provide…

My 14 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Most people have more than enough baseline skill and ability to squeeze the most value possible out of the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro program.

But if for any reason this program doesn’t provide the noticeable results that I know this program is capable of, I offer a 14 day, no risk – no questions asked money back guarantee.

Seriously, you have nothing to lose should you make the decision to invest in this program.

And make no mistake – the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro program will definitely show you how to get the maximum laughter response from the jokes you tell in everyday social situations as well as in more formal presentation environments.

The Remarkably Low Registration Fee

If you were to consult with me on the phone (or Skype) directly about becoming a better joke teller, it would cost you $70 per hour.

The secrets, techniques and methods provided in the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro audio training program provides 90 minutes of the exact same information that I would provide you in a personal telephone consulting session.

Not only that, you get the written course content as well in order to supplement and reinforce the information provided in the 90 minutes of instruction provided in the training audios.

That’s a lot of value, especially for a course that can potentially have a significant, lasting impact and may actually be a stepping stone for some who want to explore more challenging comedy adventures (like public speaking or stand-up comedy).

This course would be an absolute steal at $99 given the highly specialized, actionable nature of the content provided, the long term results individuals will experience and the free bonus upgrade resources provided.

But I also want this course to be within reach of virtually anyone who wants improve their joke telling skills, whether it be for casual social situations or for more formal speaking adventures.

So for a limited time I am offering a page share discount to access the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro 90 minute audio training course plus the bonus lessons and reports for $97 just $27 (limited time).

The Registration Process

Here’s how the registration process works:

1. Use one of the links below to register for the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro audio training program for just $27 (one time payment – no recurring fees).

2. Upon acceptance of the registration payment (merchant — Top Comedy Education Resources), you will be redirected to a Member registration form to establish your Street Joke Secrets Member Account.

Note: No promotional emails are sent from this website. Your email address is primarily used to provide you a means to recover your password and to notify you if needed in the rare event there have been any significant changes to the course.

3. Once your Member account has been established, you will redirected to the Members Area where you will have immediate access to:

The How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro audio training Program (90 minutes) plus the associated online written lessons and these bonus lessons and reports:

  • Street Joke Power Editing Secrets Lesson
  • The Street Joke Transformation Secret Report
  • Secrets For Adding Street Jokes To Speeches And Presentations Lesson
  • Strange News Secrets Lesson

Don’t wait to take your joke telling skills to the next level. Get the powerful tools, tactics and strategies you need to get the laughs that you want when you tell a joke!

Register Now for just $27*
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Thank you for taking the time to take a look at the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro audio training program and I look forward to helping you improve your joke telling skills to the maximum extent possible in the very near future.

All The Best,
Steve Roye
Top Comedy Trainer & Consultant

P.S. Let me just say again that you don’t have to become a comedian or develop some sort of special sense of humor in order to use the tools and techniques provided in the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro program.