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Street Joke Secrets For Public SpeakingThe Street Joke Secrets For Public Speaking online course is a one-of-a-kind, remarkably specialized training resource that was developed for individuals who are or will be involved in public speaking on a professional level, are involved with Toastmasters and…

For any public speaking professional who wants to take advantage of powerful, readily available and easy-to-adapt supplemental humor content for use in virtually ANY type of speech or presentation.

What makes this course particularly unique is the almost exclusive focus reality based open source jokes that feature people in more realistic situations and NOT fantasy jokes involving talking animals, a genie in a bottle or other easily recognized joke themes such as guys walking into a bar, etc.

This course provides specific, detailed instruction on locating, processing and transforming these types of jokes into short, personalized funny stories that are 60 seconds or less in duration and that are effectively “masked” and difficult to identify as jokes when once properly processed and skillfully delivered.

An audio example of a transformed street joke is provided on the Example Joke page

Powerful and proven stand-up comedy techniques featured in the Killer Stand-up Comedy System/Online Course have been directly incorporated or adapted for use at every possible juncture in the development of this course to make it as effective and robust as possible.

The course consists of 5 detailed lessons and 4 special reports in order to meet these primary course objectives:

  • Identify important and common mistakes to avoid when delivering jokes.
  • Reveal key criteria for reality based open source jokes when being considered for use in public speaking.
  • Provide information and resources for locating the best open source jokes.
  • Demonstrate how to edit jokes for brevity and natural speaking expression, as well as transforming jokes into a personalized short stories.
  • Provide instruction on how to prepare to professionally deliver any joke that has been properly processed beforehand.
  • Demonstrate how to identify various joke attributes in order to craft transition lines in order to easily incorporate jokes into any part of a speech or presentation.

IMPORTANT: The use of skillfully transformed open source jokes should be considered supplemental humor content and is in no way intended to be considered a replacement for the use of original humor in speeches or presentations.

Course Content Details

Information about the course content is as follows:

This lesson is available for public review and exposes the top joke mistakes that people can make when delivering a joke and the reasons why mistakes happen.

The information provided in this lesson also provides the foundational knowledgebase for performance improvement as covered in Lesson 5.

The remainder of the lessons in this course are provided to help dramatically reduce or eliminate the mistakes identified in this lesson.

Lesson 2: Joke Selection Strategies

This lesson provides insight on the various joke attributes that you should be aware of when searching for the jokes that you can transform into short, personalized stories.

One of the important features of this lesson is the information provided on joke punchlines and the key attributes to pay attention to in an open source joke to determine its potential laughter power before it has been enhanced using the editing strategies provided in Lesson 3.

Special report introduced in this lesson: Killer Story Joke Resources

This special report provides direct links to multiple online resources that have a fair to good quantity of the types of reality based street jokes to choose from using the selection criteria provided in Lesson 2.

Also provided in this special report are additional online and offline resources for story jokes that tend to be overlooked by most people.

The most time consuming aspect of using edited and personalized jokes in public speaking actually involves finding resources that have an ample quantity of the type of jokes that you want to review for potential selection. This report is provided to significantly speed up that process.

Lesson 3: Joke Editing Secrets

Once jokes have been found using the information provided in Lesson 2, they will need to be edited for brevity and verbal delivery that is in alignment with the way a person naturally talks and expresses themselves.

This lesson provides step-by-step examples of the joke editing process from beginning to end as well as the process of transforming a reality based story joke into a personalized short story.

Special report introduced in this lesson: Content Switching Strategies

Certain jokes can lend themselves to content switching to make a joke more unique. Content switching involves swapping out various details in a joke (ie: location) without diminishing the laughter power of the joke.

This special report provides an ideal example of adjusting a joke with content switching.

Lesson 4: Optimizing Your Joke Delivery

The real laughter power of a joke is realized when it is delivered in a seamless manner that captures an individual’s organic speaking style and natural expressive traits.

This is particularly important when delivering a street joke that has been personalized as a first person experience.

This lesson covers the process for preparing to deliver the jokes that you have edited and personalized as naturally and effortlessly as possible.

Special report introduced in this lesson: Using Technology To Enhance Your Joke Delivery

You already have in your possession a very powerful tool that you can use enhance and sharpen your joke delivery skills — it’s called a smartphone.

This special report discusses some inexpensive accessories that you may want to acquire and use to enhance your smartphone’s capabilities as a tool for helping you hone your joke delivery skills to a masterful level.

Lesson 5: Integrating Jokes Into Public Speaking

If you have reviewed the audio example on the Example Joke page, then you already have a taste of how a street joke can be transformed and introduced into a speech or presentation.

This lesson covers one of the most valuable tactics offered in the course — how to produce and use targeted and untargeted transition lines to integrate transformed street jokes (or ANY comedy and humor content) at any point of a speech or presentation.

This lesson covers the process for preparing to deliver the jokes that you have edited and personalized as naturally and effortlessly as possible.

Special report introduced in this lesson: Factors That Impact Audience Laughter

It doesn’t matter what type of comedy or humor material you are delivering to an audience — there are factors beyond the presenter’s control that have a direct impact on audience laughter.

This special report details these factors in order to provide a more comprehensive knowledgebase when evaluating video recordings for humor material effectiveness and continued use during performance review.

For those who are truly interested in what this compact course has to offer in the way of producing powerful humor content for public speaking from readily available open source reality based story jokes, the Digital Treasure Hunt provides:

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  • Flash Preview access to Members Only content (Lesson 2) and…
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Additional Course Information

While the Street Joke Secrets For Public Speaking course was developed as a very detailed reference resource with step-by-step, actionable instructions that can be referred to as often as needed…

This course is also intentionally streamlined for rapid review and instruction implementation by busy working professionals for whom time is a precious commodity.

Subsequently, there is no “filler” content included and the course can usually be reviewed once in its entirety in 90 minutes or less.

However, the course has also been designed as a reference resource that can be accessed as needed.

The majority of the time investment associated with this course will not be as a result of consuming the course materials — it will be focused on applying the instruction provided in the course to find, process and to prepare to skillfully deliver the open source jokes that have been processed.

Every effort has been made to provide course instruction that is not only thorough and complete, but also easy to consume and apply in the shortest time possible.

To give you just one brief example of what I am referring to:

If you were to value your time at the very low rate of just $10 per hour, it could easily cost you in excess of $100 of your time just to locate solid online resources for the specific type of open source joke that this course is focused on for public speaking use.

Note: The difficulty in finding adequate story joke resources online is explained in the special report Killer Story Joke Resources and is the reason why extensive time was spent to find and provide viable story joke resources that can be reviewed immediately.

Based on the specificity of the course instruction, the level of actionable information provided and the associated time savings that is purposely built in to this course at every level possible…

The one-time registration payment of just $27 for 12 months of course access is a solid value.

There are NO recurring or automatic fees involved when the 12 month course access has expired.

Members can still login after the initial 12 month access period to a stand-by Members Area and purchase additional access on demand at a discount as needed or desired. 

Also included is a 7 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Before you make a decision to register, here are some things that you may want to review:

  • If you have not done so already, you will want to check out the article on the Home page.
  • Find out about the author of this course. You will find my complete stand-up comedy and public speaking resume on the Author page.
  • Make sure you reviewed Lesson 1 in the course, Exposing Common Joke Mistakes. Even if you decide not to invest in the course, you can access some information that may be of value to you.
  • Check out the Example Joke page if you haven’t already.

Again, please note that this course has been produced specifically for those individuals who:

  • Are currently involved in public speaking professionally on a routine basis.
  • Are involved in Toastmasters to improve their public speaking skills.
  • Expect to be engaged in public speaking in the near future.

If you feel that having access to the information provided by this course would be of benefit to you in your public speaking endeavors, here are the details for registration…

The Registration Process

The registration process to gain access to the Street Joke Secrets For Public Speaking is simple, straightforward and can usually be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s what you need to know:

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You will need to be prepared to provide these information items when you get to that special Member Registration page:

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3. Upon establishing your new Member account, you will get two important emails for your records: a payment receipt email and a registration welcome email with the username and password for your Member account (Note: These can end up in your junk or folder.)

I hope that you take advantage of this incredible offer while it lasts…

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But whether you become a Street Joke Secrets For Public Speaking Course Member or not, please know this:

I truly wish you the best in your public speaking adventures!

Steve Roye, Author & Trainer
Street Joke Secrets For Public Speaking Course
The Killer Stand-up Comedy System & Online Course

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