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Hi ! Welcome to the Street Joke Secrets Members Area. Each time you login, this is the page you will land on. Use the tab links to access all the program content.

Before You Get Started

Before you start down the path of reviewing the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro audio training program, there are several important things that you need to know:

1. It will only take you a couple of hours to consume the core course content.

Don’t let that mislead you. The real time investment involved with improving your joke telling skills does not just lie in the time it takes to consume this course.

Most of the time you will invest in improving your joke telling skills will actually involve:

  • Finding great jokes to begin with (while there is an endless supply of jokes, there is a much more limited supply of great jokes)
  • Editing and adapting jokes for the way you actually talk
  • Making sure you have any joke you are going tell down pat before you tell it a single person
  • Testing a joke multiple times before you make the decision to keep it, edit it more or discard it

2. You should have a dedicated notebook for your jokes.

While you are welcome to organize a notebook for your jokes any way that you see fit, I recommend that you have at least two categories of jokes:

B-List Jokes — These are jokes that seem to have great potential but have not yet been edited, adapted or tested. These could be considered your “work in progress” jokes.

A-List Jokes — These are jokes that have been edited, adapted and tested. They consistently produce the laughter results you want.

Just take your time, have fun and use the knowledge from this course to your fullest advantage. 🙂

Audio Course

How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro
Audio Training Program

Below you will find three recorded audio training sessions along with links to the associated written lessons to support the audio instruction.

Before you review the audio lessons below, please note:

1. Please be prepared to take notes when reviewing the audio recordings below and make a note of the recording time in any particular audio segment that you may wish to re-review. As you are reviewing the recorded audio lessons below, you have the ability to pause any audio as well as move the audio forward or back as needed.

2. The audio lessons below are made available for online review only.

Audio Lesson #1 (40 Minutes Total)

Segment #1: 21 Minutes

Segment #2: 19 Minutes

Associated Written Lesson: Joke Selection Secrets

Audio Lesson #2 (39 Minutes Total)

Segment #1: 21 Minutes

Segment #2: 18 Minutes

Associated Written Lesson Link: Joke Delivery And Timing Secrets

Audio Lesson #3 (15 Minutes)

Last Segment: 15 Minutes

Associated Written Lesson: 10 Joke Telling Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Bonus Content

Thank You For Choosing For Your Comedy Training!