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A Few Recommended Resources

recommendedThis may come as a bit of surprise, but after a couple of decades as a paid comedy consultant and having reviewed 98% of the most popular comedy related educational materials available today, you would think that I would have a ton of resources to recommend.

That is not the case. I’m pretty darn picky about what I recommend folks take a look at when it comes to comedy related educational materials.

So I only have very few resources to recommend because I find that most resources for “getting funnier” simply don’t contain any real actionable or usable information.

These are the top resources that I would recommend you take a close look at if you are so inclined:[one_third]

Being Funny At Social Functions

Most people realize that getting big laughs from telling “street jokes” is just one aspect of using one’s sense of humor effectively in social situations to gain favor and acceptance.

However, the only other solid course that I know of and recommend to folks who want to further develop their sense of humor for social situations and that is Matterson’s How To Be Funny course.

I consider this course to be an ideal companion to the How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro course.


Being Funny For Public Speaking

The only public speaking related resource that I recommend is the Amazing Public Speaking Membership Program and here’s why:

It offers a significant amount of what I believe to be “off the shelf”, ready to use comedy material for both public speaking types and for corporate comedians.

That aspect alone is worth the price of admission. But the other major aspect is the outstanding business and marketing content, which is of particular interest to those who want to capitalize on their speaking ability.


Becoming A Paid Pro Comedian

I have to say up front that this resource belongs to me. But if you have ever thought about taking your sense of humor to the stage, I can only highly recommend that you check out the 5 free stand-up comedy lessons available to you right now (no sign-up is required for access).

Note: Lesson 5 contains alternative resources you may also want to explore.